Sunday, May 22, 2011

Cricket on Sandy's Porch


It is a world of two
For every one, there is another, or an opposite
The scale has a double balance
the brain, two hemisheres
I, a pair of eyes, eyes through whose eyes
I see your eyes reflecting


Choice is Rampant
Judgement, a misfortune
Words leave a fragrance
Phrases are for auctions
This shared page contains the essence
I share with you a rare blossom

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

This photo is from the blog of Maryam of

I am posting it because I had a dream before arising on May 1st in which I found myself walking in a small crowd in which there were a group of women in this EXACT blue color burqa, who seemed to be youthful and fluttering bird-like together like girls do.

I have never seen or known of the women of Afghanistan's blue burqa! I continue to receive confirmation that the tapestry of the dreamworld in which I travel during sleep, is rich with symbolism, messages, and connection to other earthly neighbors.

We may wonder here in the West how and why women still don the veil, and the women of the East might wonder what it is like to expose ourselves as women do in the West! This subject is one of my curiousities. I want to explore the culture, the implicit beauty and drama of the burqa, and the women of the veil.....

A Dream Within A Dream

by Edgar Allan Poe

Take this kiss upon the brow!

And, in parting from you now,

Thus much let me avow--

You are not wrong, who deem

That my days have been a dream;

Yet if hope has flown away

In a night, or in a day,

In a vision, or in none,

Is it therefore the less gone?

All that we see or seem

Is but a dream within a dream.

I stand amid the roar

Of a surf-tormented shore,

And I hold within my hand

Grains of the golden sand--

How few! yet how they creep

Through my fingers to the deep,

While I weep--while I weep!

O God! can I not grasp

Them with a tighter clasp?

O God! can I not save

One from the pitiless wave?

Is all that we see or seem

But a dream within a dream?