Sunday, March 8, 2015

                                                             "Spirited Compositions" 
                                            March 2015 Art Show at The Loft Of Missoula

As a way to create visually, my collages are "inner child" art. I feel they are an accessible, tangible art form, unrestricted and free, for people of all ages to enjoy. In my work with children, I see how every child is an artist at heart. I delight in encouraging them to express their unique creativity and tap into it confidentially throughout their lives. Through collage I hope to share the whimsical possibilities, appreciation for the beauty of ordinary things, nature, and to inspire the unabashed artist in all of us.

"New Jersey Summer Dream"

"The New Key"

"Montana June Dream"

"Sweet Earthly Language: Egg"

"Spirit Of Time"

"See Bright Power Above"

"Letter From Home"

"Passion For Life"

"Watch for Delicate Sea Gift"

"Vashon Island Harvest"

"In Dreams I Do And Go"

"It's Easy To See Which Way To Travel"

"Tea Party"

"Vintage Valentine"