Friday, May 25, 2012

"Do What You Love...The Money Will Follow"

"Always Sing" Suet Feeder by Evelyn Colom Kiggins

There are things that put you in the "zone". 
You have been at it for hours and yet time stands still. 
You are focused, serene, joyful! I am there when I write and when I create collages. The other day I was at Wings where my "Always Sing" Suet Feeder Collage was for sale.
and it had been moved to a new spot. When I saw it, I turned it a little. Today I visited the shop and someone had purchased it! That would make the third sale to date! It is very encouraging! I was digging for the photos I took of this particular one, and was glad I still had them. Sometimes parting is such sweet sorrow....

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Bella's Music Box

There is a little girl, Bella, who just turned four.  She is the older daughter of the very talented Seattle photographer, Sarah Bunch,, and she is the inspiration for my first music box.
Bella loves pink, butterflies, elephants, books, music, and horses are her very favorite. I chose a tune from Dr. Dolittle, "Talk To The Animals", for the music box, which, since it is new territory for me, I am working on the proper installation for it. I look forward to sharing with you the sound and interior of the finished piece, but most of all to give it to that darling girl!

Bella's Music Box