Friday, December 30, 2011


I have just discovered what is so attractive about moss, and it is more than meets the eye...Did you know that it is the first plant to cover the Earth? This ancient part of the plant kingdom appears fragile, but is hardy, will grow undisturbed by a lack of sun in a most verdant green, creating an elegant carpet that serves as a cushion and sanctuary for the small animal kingdom, adding unique texture and color on bark, on rocks, ground and other surfaces.  The people of the Columbia River Gorge area, where I captured these images, and from many other humid landscapes,  have mixed reviews as they try to keep up with the spread of moss on rooftops, and other places where it is not welcome. This makes moss one of the most untolerated plants along with weeds....So I will "root" for the "undermoss" here and celebrate it's beauty with reverence!

For Love of Moss

Visiting the Columbia River Gorge area this Christmas, I became enchanted by the moss growing on trees, the vibrant green velvet look of it.