Friday, June 10, 2011

I Consider Myself Lucky

When I remember that our lives are borrowed
that there is little difference
between dreaming and waking
that the sea is the sky's reflection
like eyes looking into another's eyes
and that the water is heavy with fish of all colors
spectacular and buoyant in it's depth
and on the shore, the crab walks sideways
dancing the two-step, the salsa
under celestine night, magic below,
above and around
flourescent moon kissing me

When I remember that our lives are borrowed
I consider myself lucky
to have the alchemical secret
the control and surrender
the balance, the embrace
into arms that gently hold me
in the moment, in the rhythm
breathing and the miracle of the heartbeat
coming together cosmically
we exchange ourselves for eachother
transparent I walk through you
and you through me
blending together in freedom
we fly eagle-back
over the hills,caves and oceans
moving between worlds
exsisting with every creature
in a most harmonious way

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